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Sunday Science 08/07/18

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Science, featuring the koala genome, air pollution’s deadly impact, the birthday of IVF, robotic cockroaches, and a habitable Mars… Continue reading

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Sunday Science 24/06/18

A fairly short Sunday Science this week as I’ve been on holiday, but this week we have ways to both increase and decrease your risk of dying of a heart attack, Aztec sacrifices, 3D printing soft materials, and a genetic link to the effects of social isolation… Continue reading

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Sunday Science 13/05/18


Last Sunday Science of term…then I may actually have a bit of time to write other posts (oh wait, exam marking….). Anyway, in this week’s Sunday Science: AI navigation, the link between your immune system and grey hair, artificial photosynthesis, fantastic galactic phenomena, and why Eurovision makes you happy…. Continue reading