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The future of cancer treatment, part 1

Following on from my post on the new treatment for ALL, I thought I’d go into cancer in general a bit more. In this first part of a double post, I’ll briefly go into what cancer is and the principles of the main types of current treatments. In the second part, I’ll consider some of the more futuristic cancer treatments that are starting to enter the mainstream.

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Never mind a hovercar, I want a robot butler and a three day working week

honda-new-asimo-3Photo credit: Honda. I want me one of these, but better.

One of things that is always dragged up when people start discussing whether the science fiction of the past predicted the present at all accurately, is the old “Where’s my hovercar?” trope. Maybe it’s just that I don’t even like regular wheeled cars, but of all the many things I wanted in this so-called ‘Future’, a hovercar was pretty far down the list. A replicator would be a damn sight more useful. A robot butler even more so. I did like this golden vision a lot of 50s and 60s scifi presented though, where the future was bright and nobody had to work, or only at really interesting things they really wanted to do (never mind that they were often so hampered by their own prejudices that they utterly failed to advance gender equality, for example, but that’s another story). But, really, why are we still all working like dogs? And where are the futuristic, practical everyday inventions that would make life easier? Continue reading

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No, your [insert favourite humanoid alien of choice here] isn’t a mammal

This comes under the category of “pet hate”, I have to admit, but also it’s a question of getting the science right (more on that another time). Saying such-and-such an alien species is a mammal (or, worse, a reptile, because, you know, they kind of have scaly makeup) is plain wrong. Why? Because the definition of a mammal is not the one you learnt in school. It’s not “has fur or hair, gives birth to live babies, makes breast milk”. A mammal, like any other animal, is defined not only (or even most importantly) by its physical characteristics, but by its ancestors, that is, by its evolutionary history.   Continue reading


Progress pending….

Well so November and Christmas got super busy, and my plan to roll out this blog more officially stalled somewhat, but over this weekend I’ll be uploading at least one more post, giving a shout-out to the Facebook crowd, and getting going on a regular (by which I mean approximately weekly for now) posting schedule.