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Carnivorous plants, BCG vaccine, dogs & schizophrenia and how flies land upside down: Sunday Science 12/01/2020

Welcome to the first Sunday Science of the New Year, with carnivorous plants, injecting new life into an old vaccine, reducing schizophrenia risks (by dogs), how the UK transformed its energy supply, and how flies land upside down on your kitchen ceiling… Continue reading

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Early mammals, measles and immunity, treating brain injuries, noisy birds and nasty ticks…Sunday science stories 3/11/19

I’m back with a bumper issue to make up for my absence! This week: how measles destroys children’s immunity to common diseases; an exciting old-new treatment for traumatic brain injury; sophisticated early mammals; glaciers as carbon sinks; how UK science is already being damaged by Brexit, and more…

Continue reading

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Cuttlefish arms, anti-cancer antlers, a super PET scanner & rock-eating clams: Sunday Science 23/06/19

This week on Sunday Science: the surprising shared evolutionary history of cephalopod arms and ours; a radically improved PET scanner promises revolutionary new scans; how deer antlers are providing insights into bone cancer; folic acid supplementation and a rock-eating shipworm…. Continue reading