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Parental dinosaurs, home genetic tests, gene silencing therapy, gambling AIs & why long working hours are bad for you: Sunday Science 28/07/19

In this week’s Sunday Science, a call for a crackdown on home genetic test kits, the first NHS approved gene silencing therapy, climate change heats up, how overworking could give you a stroke, and how some dinosaurs were more devoted parents than we first thought…. Continue reading

biology, Climate change, Environment, evolution, medicine, Science, science news, Sunday Science Stories

Trees, solar power, scorpion antibiotics, sleeping zebrafish and tough but tender feet: Sunday Science 14/07/19

Sunday Science is back after a brief holiday hiatus, with a bumper issue, covering a few eye-opening climate change problems and solutions, a new anti-tuberculosis agent from scorpion venom, callused but sensitive feet, and sleeping zebrafish.

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