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Flesh-eating bacteria, antibiotic resistance, 3D displays, key cancer drug, bad psychology & more…Sunday Science 17/11/19

In this week’s Sunday Science: apes might have evolved upright far earlier than thought; a new drug against the most common cancer mutation; cooperative flesh-eating bacteria and a test for antibiotic resistance. Also: 3D Star Wars style displays, bad psychology, and a celebration of 150 years of publication of Nature magazine…. Continue reading

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Early mammals, measles and immunity, treating brain injuries, noisy birds and nasty ticks…Sunday science stories 3/11/19

I’m back with a bumper issue to make up for my absence! This week: how measles destroys children’s immunity to common diseases; an exciting old-new treatment for traumatic brain injury; sophisticated early mammals; glaciers as carbon sinks; how UK science is already being damaged by Brexit, and more…

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