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Will we ever have artificial wombs?

A few years back I attended the annual conference of the British Society for Developmental Biology. There was a discussion session towards the end of the day concerning future developments and directions in our field of research, namely how one goes from the early embryo to, ultimately, the adult human (or other organism). Into a lull in the conversation, my then-boss, who was heavily pregnant with twins and very uncomfortable, interjected the following question: “I only want to know one thing right now: when are we going to be able to grow babies in artificial wombs?” Good question…

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Trump could have had his coal cake and eaten it (well, sort of…)

In the week that US President Trump decided to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, which commits nations to significantly curb carbon emissions in order to avoid catastrophic climate change, Science magazine reports on a startup that runs on carbon dioxide without emitting it…. Continue reading