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Bionic limbs, Bronze Age baby feeding, whale evolution, immunotherapy & more: Sunday Science 06/10/19

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Science, featuring a successful immunotherapy trial for advanced melanoma, sensitive prosthetic limbs, Bronze age baby bottles, an intriguing study of genetic adaptation in whales and dolphins, dreaming octopuses and one incredibly tough little worm… Continue reading

biology, evolution, medicine, Robotics, Science, science news, Sunday Science Stories

Missing link microbes, curing Ebola, giant frogs, robot cockroaches, sterile placentas & more: Sunday Science 25/08/19

Lots of microbes in this week’s Sunday Science: with new cures for Ebola, a “missing link” species, Lyme disease and the germ-free placenta. Also: giant frogs, robot cockroaches, why cats eat grass and how infidelity is linked to professional misconduct… Continue reading

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Parental dinosaurs, home genetic tests, gene silencing therapy, gambling AIs & why long working hours are bad for you: Sunday Science 28/07/19

In this week’s Sunday Science, a call for a crackdown on home genetic test kits, the first NHS approved gene silencing therapy, climate change heats up, how overworking could give you a stroke, and how some dinosaurs were more devoted parents than we first thought…. Continue reading