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Missing link microbes, curing Ebola, giant frogs, robot cockroaches, sterile placentas & more: Sunday Science 25/08/19

Lots of microbes in this week’s Sunday Science: with new cures for Ebola, a “missing link” species, Lyme disease and the germ-free placenta. Also: giant frogs, robot cockroaches, why cats eat grass and how infidelity is linked to professional misconduct… Continue reading

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HIV vaccine, twisty galaxies, gene editing blood cells, glowing green sharks & more…Sunday Science 11/08/19

In this week’s Sunday Science some nice medical advances: a promising new HIV vaccine trial, approval of a drug for ovarian cancer and a potential game-changer with gene edited blood cells to treat blood disorders that affect millions of people. Also: spooky green fluorescent sharks, our twisted galaxy, green energy, and embryo development. Continue reading