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Plague resistance, climate change, birds, gene therapy, and tea drinkers brains: Sunday science stories 22/09/19

In this week’s Sunday Science: climate change protests and figures; catastrophic decline in North American birds; a breakthrough genetic therapy for a sugar storage disorder; galactic super structures; how the plague bacterium attacks cells – and how some have evolved immunity – and how drinking tea improves the structure of your brain… Continue reading

biology, Climate change, evolution, Science, science news, Sunday Science Stories

Genes and sexuality, extreme inbreeding, dog brains and hurricanes: Sunday Science 08/09/19

In this week’s Sunday Science, lots of stories of genes and evolution: how genes determine very little of the rainbow spectrum of human sexuality, how Britain has a rather worryingly high proportion of people born as a result of extreme inbreeding, how we changed dog brains, and a remarkable fossil of an ancient human relative.  Continue reading